Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hawthorne Summit

Hidden away in a small central Florida town named Hawthorne, RMI missionaries Billy & Debbie Moses, Gary & Marilyn McLaughlin and Jenn Rogan met RMI staff Herb & Shirley Shoemaker, Dan, Debbie and Dawn Shoemaker and Rob Thompson on Saturday, June 21 to Tuesday, June 24. One of RMI's Board members, Billy Byrd, owns a small camp that he has renovated and made available to us for this 4 day meeting. Dawn and Debbie cooked for the crowd for 4 days as they met together. It was a great time of catching up with one another and then doing extensive, strategic planning for the future for the Haiti field.



It was a great place to relax, fellowship, get away from the every day routine and spend time together. God did bless our time and we are excited about what He has for us all in the future.

When Dawn wasn't in the cookhouse, she was on the dock. Herb and Shirley pitched in during some free time, with Shirley catching the most! IMG_0987-adjustedThe last evening we had enough catfish for everyone to have a bite! She was a real trooper and fed us well.

It was a wonderful place to have an RMI Summit!!


Gary sent these pictures. A special thanks to Billy Byrd for the great place to have these meetings!

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