Thursday, July 10, 2008

RMI June Board Meetings

June 12 and 13 the RMI Board met here in Ft. Myers, FL. We had folks coming from NC, IL, and FL, coming for this session.

These meetings are very important in the life of RMI as the Board provides direction, vision, and over-sight for the Mission's activities, staff, and future. They review and approve our policies, our operations budget, new programs and projects, and generally keep an eye on things.

Another area of oversight is working with the staff on our vision and future aspirations. They help us set goals and priorities as we work toward the future. We have a good Board that has become quite active in the ministry. They have been great encouragements to Rob and I as we are moving RMI forward. They also provide good mentoring and sounding boards for us as we discuss new plans and projects with them.

As usual, many items were discussed, reviewed, and voted into play. Continue to pray for our Board members as they lead RMI that the Lord will be filling them with His Spirit for wisdom, understanding, and unity together.

Thank the Lord with us for a great time of fellowship and the good decisions that were made.

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