Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preaching in Creole!

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of preaching at the First Haitian Baptist Church of Fort Myers, FL. It is the 3rd time I have preached there. It is a lot of fun. You feel like you are right there somewhere out in the country at a good Haitian church...only with AC! YES!

It is great to be able to share with the Haitian people here in the area. They are always surprised at my Creole and knowledge of the language, idioms, and sayings. But it is also good to be able to encourage and challenge them in their faith. Being so far from home they truly do cling to their faith. They need to be reminded that God cares for them, but also that God desires them to grow in their knowledge and understanding of Him as well.

Dawn says that "Dad preaches much better in Creole. He gets much more animated!" I guess that is a good compliment! They do preach with animation in Haiti. Lots of fun.

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