Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mixed Emotions

This past Thursday Deb and I went over to Ft. Lauderdale to spend the evening with Billy and Debbie Moses and their family (RMI missionaries in Haiti) and then put them on the plane on Friday A.M. as they headed back to Haiti. What a change for us. For 25 years it was our family that was heading back to Haiti. Now we are the ones waving goodbye as the last one passes through security.

Boarding the AA plane

As we drove away from the airport afterwards, Deb and I talked about the mixed emotions this caused within us. On one hand, we remembered all the good times we had in Haiti, all the friends we (still) have there, and the ministry we were always going back to. On the other hand, we certainly did not miss the hectic last days of shopping, packing suitcases down to the last ounce, trying to get all the last minute details done, always wishing you had another day (or 2 or 3) and getting very little sleep if any before heading off to the airport early in the morning knowing you had a looong day ahead. Being able to fly from to Port to Cayes eases some of the burden, but for the most part we would have to get to Port and then drive 6 hours over rough roads to get home. Whew!

However, we agreed that we are glad those days are behind us. We have a new home and know that we are in God's will where we are. But we sure empathize with the Moses' as they headed back and are now getting settled into life in Haiti. (They did have a very good trip back, with everything going as smoothly as it can with American Airlines and in Haiti!)

It was good to see them and send them off with a hug.


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