Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Want to Send Something to Haiti? Read On....

Dear Coordinators and Friends,

RMI is sending a container to Haiti on June 1st. We have 20 feet of a 40ft container available and have decided to open it up for all of our sister churches that would like to send something in to their sister church or for RMI.

Some basic info:
You can send in anything that can fit in a container, well almost anything. Call us if you would have a question about this. This could include boxes of folding chairs, tables, sound systems, generators, shoebox gifts for sponsored kids, etc.

Shipping cost on the container:
RMI will invoice you for any shipping charge at $3.50 a cubic foot (a box 3ft wide, 3ft tall, 3ft long=27 cu ft. would cost $94.50 to send.) If it is a small item, there is a minimum $25 charge per package. This could be quite a bit cheaper than other shipping options. This includes our loading it on the container, shipping the container to Haiti, getting it through customs, and then shipping it out to our base in Les Cayes. As normal, you would be responsible, if needed, to cover transportation costs to your sister church.

How to get things to RMI to be put on the container?
  • You ship your items directly to our RMI address below.  Send all packages and freight to:
    RMI, 5475 Lee Street Suite 301, Lehigh Acres, FL 33971.
  • You order items and have RMI pick them up at: Costco, Sam's Club, or Walmart in Fort Myers, FL. There will be a $25 pick-up charge per trip or more if special transportation is needed due to size or quantity. 
  • Give RMI your order. RMI will order it, and pick it up. You pay for the actual cost of the item and 15% of the cost for RMI's Administrative fee. RMI doesn't have to pay FL sales tax so that is a savings if done through us. 
When can you send items to RMI?
RMI will receive, pickup, or buy items from May 4 to May 15. Please do NOT send anything to arrive before this time frame. Make sure everything will arrive by May 15th please. Please let us know you are sending items so we can be prepared to receive them. If they are large and heavy, as we do not have a forklift, please give us a heads up. Should we have to rent a forklift, you would be responsible to cover that cost.

Once the container arrives in Haiti, there could be a delivery fee to get the items out to your sister church, depending on the situation and items. The Haiti field will let you know if there is a cost for this.

Special Purchases We Can Make For You:
(includes all costs-purchase, shipping, customs, and delivery to your church.):
  • Plastic folding chairs-very heavy duty but comfortable: 10 chairs for $375.  Do you remember how uncomfortable the Haitian chairs can be? These are wonderful and will be a big help to them for many different occasions. 
  • Plastic heavy duty folding 6ft x 30in tables: 4 for $300.  What a great help these will be to the church and for your teams as well as for other uses throughout the year. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the RMI FL Office at 239-368-8390, or email John Miner at john.miner@rmibridge.org.

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