Friday, April 24, 2015

Partnerships: Not Just a Buzz Word...

This week we have been reminded of some of our institutional partnerships that we are blessed to be a part of.  We talk A LOT about our 30 C3 Partners because EVERYTHING we do flows out of our Sister Church partnerships,  Did you know that we have additional partnerships with other organizations that help make these church partnerships possible? We are serious about "Mobilizing Global Partnerships to Transform Lives in Christ".

Among others, this week we have been reminded of...

ACWR (Apostolic Christian World Relief) - This week we received a 40' container of food buckets.
AWANA - We have been planning for next week's Awana celebration and training event the we are doing here in Southern Haiti.
FFP (Food for the Poor - Haiti) - They take care of all of the shipping and customs logistics for all of our FMSC containers
FMSC (Feed My Starving Children) - This week we received a 40' container of Food Boxes.  This container was a special blessing because it was over and above our official annual allocation plan.
TTT (Teachers Training Teachers) - This weekend another team from TTT arrives to teach approximately 75 teachers the next 2 modules.

Thank you to these partners.  We do what we do because of what you do.  We are grateful to be an extension of what you do here on the field.  We surely couldn't do what we do without the efforts and generosity of these partners.

"Men anpil, chay pa lou." - Haitian Proverb
"Many hands make the load light." - English Equivalent

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