Thursday, April 23, 2015

Did You Know? To The Ends of the Earth...

We have 31 active long term church partnerships right now throughout Haiti's Southern Peninsula. Our staff visits every one every month. Why? Because our goal is to truly collaborate, provide accountability, communicate well, acquire information, teach and train, deepen the partnership, etc... One of our motivations is that we believe in "Partnerships that are Engaged".

Here is Anderson, one of our 5 Partnership Facilitators after his visit on Monday to Desriveaux, Haiti, the Sister Church of Walloon Lake Community Church. He was providing oversight, getting first hand information and an update from the church and school leaders, providing maintenance and instruction specifically related to ongoing projects, taking pictures, and video, etc. We do this, because we care and we want to make sure we provide followup and good communication. Walloon Lake will get an update this month, and every month, with the latest updates and information related to their partner. They will then have the opportunity to reply with an update of their own to be delivered back to the Desriveaux on Anderson's next visit.

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