Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Nunemakers Have Been Cleared to Go

Lee and Tina Nunemaker and their 4 sons, Daniel, 18, Josiah, 16, Nathan 11, and Isaac, 6, from Greencastle, PA have been raising their support for more than 2 years and have now been cleared to go to Haiti!    They have raised enough funds for RMI to authorize them to go, but are not 100% funded yet.  Would you consider helping them meet their goal?  They all are anxious to get to Haiti and start their lives and ministry there.  
Lee will be the C3 Partnership Coordinator.  He was recently in the RMI International Office to receive training in the inner workings and many details involved in coordinating the 30+ relationships that we have now.  He is badly needed on the field to relieve some of Rob Thompson's load. 
They are busy drawing their lives to a close there in the Greencastle area including sorting and packing their belongings.  Currently their plan is to drive their packed household goods down to the RMI International Office in Ft. Myers, FL, arriving on May 26.  There they’ll load a 40 ft. sea container with their things along with various things that RMI needs on the field.
 Their departure date is mid-July!
Sept. 2014 week of training for Lee
Pray for them as they go through the departure process of packing, having final doctor and family visits, say their farewells and continue to raise the last portion of their monthly needs.  You can see their latest prayer letter HERE.  It contains more details about their leaving, including specific items that they still need.  Make sure you look for the hidden tarantula in the letter.  You can find their blog HERE.
Can you be a part of their support team?  You can donate online HERE

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