Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Team in Haiti helping…

We have a team from Mainstreet UMC and Erskine College in South Carolina in Haiti. This medical team came to do a medical clinic at their Sister Church in Port Salut. They didn’t realize they came for more!

They are “stranded” for the moment (we are working to find a route back home for them). In the meantime, they are serving in the midst of the earthquake aftermath.

Yesterday, our team, joined forces with other short term teams with other missionary organizations, to do a medical clinic in downtown Cayes. Quake victims are making their way out of PAP down to the Cayes area. Today they will be serving right at the medical clinic on the mission center where are missionaries live.

Here are some pictures…

P1140102 P1140103 P1140104 P1140105 P1140106 P1140107 P1140108