Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Update

As a result of the earthquake, Dan & Kim have cancelled their trip to Haiti. Rob Thompson, his dad & uncle were going in to work on Rob's house as well, but they've cancelled their trip also. The team from Main St. United Methodist (Due West, SC) is now at the mission center and are fine. They've felt the aftershocks, but there is no damage in the southern area. Port's airport is operational and we are working to get the team home.

Pray for Haiti – people who have so little now have even less. It is amazing to see the devastation. Our hearts are breaking at what we hear and see on CNN and via phone calls and internet contact.

At this time, we are working with the MEBSH leadership (MEBSH is the Haitian church association that we work with. All of our Sister Churches are members of MEBSH.) who have quite a few large congregations in the affected areas. Money sent to RMI for relief will go toward helping MEBSH help their people in Port. At this point we are not sure just what the help will look like but know that they will have many needs in many areas.

The relief efforts will be focused on the Port-au-Prince area.

As with all disasters, the best way to help is financially. Also, sending money to Haiti is a simple matter of transferring funds and gives our in-country missionaries tremendous ability to help. Those who would like to help can contribute electronically by going here. Choose “relief” as the category to give to for earthquake relief.

Besides this blog, you’ll also find updates on RMI’s Facebook page here.