Thursday, January 21, 2010

Medical supplies delivered and a TV interview

Dan's days have been full. After his arrival he took some of the medical supplies into Cayes to a private practice doctor. A Haitian TV station was there to record the delivery and they interviewed Dan as well as the doctor. How cool is that?

He also delivered the supplies that he brought in personally and they were put to immediate use.

He has been by one of the tent cities and he's met with our missionaries & staff, MEBSH leadership and all the Cite Lumiere missionaries.

Communications are very difficult and spotty. The main method of communicating is via satellite internet. We’re thankful that is functioning very well. The RMI staff is working to get information on all the Sister Churches and pastors of those churches. I know everyone is anxiously waiting to hear how their churches fared, but be patient, it will take time. It’s hard for us here in the US to imagine a world without cell phones, texting, or the internet. Haiti was just getting into the 20th century (not even the 21st!) and this has knocked them back into the stone age in many respects. Thus, an extra measure of patience is needed.

We should be able to get some pictures from Dan for you tomorrow!