Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ministry Trip to CIU

Dan and I are back in the office after a 6 day ministry trip.  We attended homecoming at Columbia International University (our alma mater, class of 1980) in Columbia, South Carolina.  It was a fun weekend.  This year they hosted a reunion of the school's singing group, True Life Company, that represented CIU in the 1970's.  Dan sang and played trumpet for TLC for 2 years while he was a student.  True Life Company members sang and provided the worship for all the different meetings and venues that took place this weekend.   It was great as we re-connected with classmates and friends, most of whom we hadn't seen for more than 20 years.  Frank and Kay Fry, RMI's VP of International Development, were there as well.  Frank was TLC's producer in the early 1970's and Kay played violin.  Here, they are chatting with CIU president, Dr. Bill Jones.  We were able to share with quite a few people about RMI and its ministries.  We also made some significant contacts that will help us within the administration of RMI, possibly in the area of providing counseling for missionary staff. 


We were surprised to meet 2 CIU alumni from our own area, Ft. Myers!  We plan on getting together in the near future and see how we can enhance each other's ministries.  If nothing else, we will enjoy the fellowship of fellow CIU folks.


On a personal note, we were able to spend time with Deb's mom while we were there since that is where we stayed.  We also had a brief time with Deb's sister, Marti and her husband, Frank Bedell (CIU's Director of Development).


Dawn is doing well.  She is a junior at Evangelical Christian School in Ft. Myers.  She is having a blast playing varsity volleyball for ECS.  The team is a state championship team and are doing very well.  As a 2A school, they are beating many 5A schools in the area!  Her position is middle blocker (for those of you who are volleyball savvy) and at 5'11", she has a good vertical jump on her that helps her do a fairly good job!


Devon is living and working in Dallas.  Dan saw him recently and was able to spend some time with him.  He's doing well and we are proud of him being able to maintain a good Christian witness in his work environment. 


Oh, also, be looking for the link to our new personal blog!  We hope to have it up and running soon.  I know, I know, we should have done it quite a while ago, but we are old dogs learning all these new tricks!

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