Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Guatemala Pictures: Part 2

   If you didn't see the first post, scroll down!  You can also see all the pictures at www.robandbecky.com/family/pictures.htm (you will need to scroll down to find the Guatemala pictures).


Carrie and Susan setting up the army cots in the church.

IMG_9310Julie helped me organize the pharmacy the first day.  The drugs were organized on 2 army cots.  We had more than what you see, I just only put out a few bottles of each thing.

IMG_9325 Chrissy, RMI missionary and a nurse, and Carol at the first station of medical clinic doing triage: Checking vital signs and getting the patients chief complaint. IMG_9331 IMG_9343

Dr's Susan and Trevor seeing patients.IMG_9326

We made sure to pray or present the gospel to each patient that came thru before they got their medications.  Here Julie and RMI missionary, Brandon, are sharing.

IMG_9344  Here's me counseling a patient on how to take their medications.  I had a Spanish translator, Alexis, but the pastor of our sister church, Javier, was often translating the Spanish into Mam.  many of the people are illiterate, so we had pictures to remind them how to take their medications.  It was important to make sure they understood before they left.


Carrie Jumped right in the kitchen as helped some of the ladies prepare meals.  Julia is on the left and Delphina on the right.


All the babies are carried like this on backs!  The ladies just go about their work.  Older siblings often carried their younger siblings like this on their backs as well.


There is going to have to be a Part 3!


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