Thursday, September 13, 2007

Guatemala Pictures: Part 1

I have been busy since I got back from my trip to Guatemala!  Sorry I haven't posted pictures sooner!  You can see all the pictures I took here and go to the Guatemala album.  Here are a few from the first few days of the trip:

Below is a view from the roof balcony of the RMI guesthouse in Xela, about a 5 hours drive from Guatemala City. 


We were relieved to get to such a comfortable place after such a long day of travel.

Saturday we spent at the RMI guesthouse reorganizing our supplies for the trip out to the aldea (village) the next day.  In the afternoon we went to the market in Xela to get some last minute supplies.  We also went to purchase a new skirt and top as a gift for our sister church pastors wife. 

Below is just one picture of the colorful market.


Julie and I had to get a picture taken with the vegetables at market-- look at that head of cauliflower!  Huge! 


All the vegetables in the regions were monstrous! (And all sold in the open air market or off the side of the road)  The large produce is due to the volcanic soil prevalent in the region.


On our way to the Aldea we stopped at a lookout by the side of the road and snapped a group picture!  This over looks Comitancillo and was about 30 minutes from out sister church.


Check out this chicken bus! 


The roads from Xela to our sister church in Chipel were steep and mostly dirt roads.


We've arrived at our sister church!  The van can't drive the road that leads to the church, so we walk there, about a 1/2 mile?.  A group from the church-- lots of kids-- meets us at the bottom of the road and walks up with us.

A picture of our sister church.  So much ministry happened in that building that week!


Need I say more?


I'll send another batch in the next few days of the rest of the trip!


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