Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on Jules

(info from Dan Shoemaker)

As you know he has had major back problems since late summer. Early this year he was treated in Haiti by a chiropractor on one of our teams, but with little success. He went out with that team but had to return early as he had no relief. He pursued some help in Port a Prince without much success either. He is now in New York with family trying to get to the bottom of the issue and get it treated.

He went to the emergency room and saw a Dr. there. X-rays were taken and the Dr. felt that there were some severe issues with some disks in his lower back. An appointment with an Orthopedic specialist has been made for March 11. Jules will probably have to have an MRI done. There is a good chance he will have to have back surgery to fuse some disks, etc. from what he says.

He is in just about constant pain. He can hardly walk to the bathroom, etc. He has some medicine for pain, but they only do so much. Please pray for him.

If you ave any questions, you can call me at 972-499-4158


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