Thursday, February 05, 2009

Jules Gedna

Jules Many of you who come to Haiti know Jules Gedna as the guy who sits behind the sound board at our various services at Haitian churches and the guy who makes sure the Haitian staff do what they are supposed to. You also know him as the guy with the great big heart willing to do anything for anyone. However, you probably don't know that before you team arrives, Jules is our "go to guy" for just about everything from plane tickets and Passport / VISA issues to help with scheduling all aspects of your visit. That makes him very valuable.

At this time Jules is not doing too well. He has some intense pain in his lower back. We had a chiropractor here with a team from central Florida who looked at Jules and said he has a bulging disk in his lower back. Now I'm not sure if I have described that diagnoses to the level a doctor would understand, but the reality is, IT HURTS!!!!

We have worked with Jules, his brother and his son in the States to get him an appointment with a specialist in Boston. He is scheduled to fly out of Haiti on Wednesday February 13th bound for New York where he will be met by family. He will then continue his journey to Boston. This means that many of you will not get to see Jules on you trip this spring. Please pray for Jules and his doctor as he begins treatment. Also please pray for RMI Haiti as we try to dégajé (make do) without Jules.


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