Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Pastor Jean Chery

Pastor Jean

Pastor Jean is our MEBSH pastor and liaison with the MEBSH churches and leadership. Many of you know him as the figurehead out at the churches that "runs" the show.

Lately he hasn't been going out with the sister church teams as his wife is sick. We have been told that she has stomach pains and severe headaches. As a result she hasn't been eating much and doesn't sleep well.

Pastor Jean's father's death in December and now his wife's illness has put a tremendous strain on Pastor Jean. Please pray for his wife's recovery and for his peace from God.

Meverd Orame


Meverd is a mechanic and driver for RMI. He has a great attitude and is always available to help with whatever is wrong. In fact we refer to him as Mr. Wonderful. Meverd has a new baby, and wife at home as well as chicken pox. Please pray that he will be healed and his wife and baby don't get sick.



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