Friday, October 10, 2008

Conditions in Southern Haiti

The churches in our area are recovering slowly but better than some of the churches in other area. The difference is that things are more readily available due to being so close to Les Cayes. It is still difficult for them as many church members have lost gardens, animals, etc.

The further west you go the worst it is because the road out that way has been destroyed.

The main problem in our area is that the road to Port-au-Prince is still closed so we are cut off from Port and the goods that normally arrive here from there. For example, there is very little gas or diesel available here. This means that the electric department of Haiti is not running so there is limited power. Also we cannot get any fuel for our generators here on the mission center so what power we have will come to an end in about 2 weeks.

There have been reports that the road to Port is being worked on to allow trucks through but how soon that will happen is still up in the air.

Please pray that the flow from Port will be restored.

Below are some photos of the road west to Port a Piment, Les Anglais and other towns.


Mudslides on the mountainside were not there before the storms.


5 Houses were washed away in this area.

IMG_2657A place where the road is washed out.


A washed out road and a section of bridge that was moved by high water.

IMG_2665 Notice the high water mark on the wall at the door of this house.


The original road is on the left where the culvert is  sticking out.

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