Monday, June 05, 2017

Welcome to the RMI Family

We are excited to welcome 3 new C3 Partners to the RMI family.  Each one have already sent teams and been involved in life-changing ministry.  Here are the US churches and their C3 Partners.

Wellspring and Aux Coteaux

Lifehouse Church of Townsend, Delaware is now partnering with Aux Coteaux Baptist Church (they are currently enlarging the sanctuary, thus the temporary structure in the photo).

McGregor Baptist and Cote de Fe

McGregor Baptist Church of Ft. Myers, FL is now partnering with Cote de Fe Baptist Church.

Wellspring and Boyer

Wellspring Church of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey is now partnering with Boyer Baptist Church.

Welcome aboard Lifehouse, McGregor and Wellspring!  We look forward to many years of service together and many lives in both churches transformed.

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