Thursday, June 29, 2017

Child Sponsorship Makes a Difference

One of the most effective ways to make a difference in a child’s be able to truly transform their lives, is sponsoring them through RMI’s Hope for Kidz Child Sponsorship Program.  It seems so simple yet has such a profound effect on his or her life!  It’s something that you can do without leaving home - you don’t have to go to Haiti to do it.  You can do it as an individual, as a family project, a project at your work place, a church, a Sunday School class, a home school group, a school class project, or even as a civic organization (like Kiwanis or Rotary Club) project.  You can support one child...or 2 or 3 or even more!  There’s no limit.

Yes, a sponsorship CAN make a difference in a child’s life!  Here is one example of a young girl who began to be sponsored several years ago.  It’s not a scientific study, of course, but it shows that, over the years, she made a dramatic improvement!  It’s such an encouragement to know that this is a result of her being able to attend school thanks to her sponsor.

Before and after 3 pics

Now is the time to renew your sponsorship for this coming fall school year.  Don’t delay!  Go to to renew.

If you don’t yet support a child, now is the time to get started!  Go to www.RMIbridge/child-sponsorship to get started.

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