Sunday, December 04, 2016

Rebuild and Restore Teams Being Scheduled

Haiti’s recovery from Hurricane Matthew is going to be long and slow due to the totality of the devastation, the lack of resources, and the remote location in many cases.  RMI’s first priority is to get roofs of schools repaired/replaced so kids can get back to school.  This will help give families some semblance of normalcy.  Then we’ll focus on church and parsonage roofs as well as other repairs like benches.  With crops gone, hunger and malnutrition is everywhere now.  RMI is continuing to distribute food aid and water filters to meet these needs.

Rebuild and Restore teams are now being scheduled for the coming winter and spring season.  Your church can send a team or you can join a team that is already scheduled.  Go to for more details.  We need you!  You can be a part of rebuilding southern Haiti. 

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