Saturday, December 03, 2016

Make Christmas Merry

Gift ideas that will leave a legacy...RMI is focusing on rebuilding Haiti in many ways.  This Christmas, instead of spending hours shopping, consider giving a gift of life to a family in Haiti to honor a family member or friend.

  • GOATS:  A sustainable option that gives hope for a better future. A goat provides a family with means to help them nutritionally and financially.
  • SEEDS:  Southern Haiti is the breadbasket of the country and the majority of families grow crops to feed their families and to sell. Crops were literally wiped out by the hurricane. Providing seeds gives life back to families.
  • WATER FILTERS:  The lack of clean water is currently causing widespread outbreaks of Cholera, an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease. Our water filters are portable and easy to use, giving families safe water and protection from disease.

Ordering is simple—you can order online by visiting our website: and click on the Christmas Gift box. You can also place your order by mail or telephone. Toll free 877-764-5439 or 239-368-8390.


If you’d like to purchase a package (all 3 items) if you “round up” your order to $250 we will add a bonus pack of seeds to the gift.

*Seeds are purchased in bulk/pound, the quantity of seeds distributed will be determined by the type of crop.

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