Thursday, June 11, 2015

RMI Office Grows

The RMI International Office recently experienced some (good) growing pains.  With the adding of 2 new staff members (John and Joanne Miner, April 13, 2015), one very pressing issue was apparent…where were we going to put them?  Our office in Lehigh Acres, FL is a modest place and has been adequate up until now.  For various reasons the option of moving wouldn’t work for us.  After receiving the blessing of our landlord, we decided to make changes to our current office.  Essentially we played musical offices, moving people around to make better use of the space we had and to provide better collaboration between departments.  The front area was then divided into 2 separate office spaces.  But the most significant change was turning the garage into a conference room and integrating it into the main part of the office.

We did most of the work ourselves and are thankful that RMI’s VP, Kim Rose, has had quite a bit of experience in building and renovation.  The pictures really tell the story!

collage 1

The finished product is amazing.  Not only do we have a great conference room, but a nice finished hallway, a second bathroom and were able to still maintain a storage room and loft.

collage 2

You can find more pictures HERE.  If you are ever by the southwest Florida area, please stop by for a visit!  We are always ready to celebrate and honor our friends.

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