Monday, June 08, 2015

No Turning Back

The container has been packed and the tickets have been bought – there’s no turning back! 
When they loaded the container with their belongings at the end of May, their commitment to serve in Haiti became even more real.  Lee and Tina Nunemaker (all 4 boys and Tina’s parents too) brought their household goods to RMI’s office in Ft. Myers, FL where they assisted in the loading of the container.  It was hot, sweaty work.  First they unloaded their rental truck then transferred it all to the container.  In addition to their things, supplies and equipment for RMI missionaries and ministries were loaded as well as items that had been sent by several C3 Partners.  It was like putting a giant puzzle together…one that took 2.5 days to do!


collage 2

collage 3

Everything made it on there, including the 28 tires, 5 pallets of prepackaged and boxed food aid, 3 4 wheelers and 2 motorcycles. It felt good to close the doors, seal it and send it on its way to Cayes via the Port of Miami and the port at Port-au-Prince. You can see more of the packing pictures HERE
Pray for its safe journey on the ship, through customs, and over land to RMI’s Haiti facilities.  It should arrive before the Nunemakers. 

They have bought their tickets to Haiti for July 20!  It’s exciting to get them on their way.  Pray for the provision of the rest of their funds. They’d also appreciate your prayers for their final speaking engagements and visits with family and friends.  Leaving is always hard, but they are anxious to get on with this next step in their lives.

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