Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Giving Tuesday: Make Christmas Special

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Make Christmas

Special for a Haitian family



There’s a day to give Thanks.  Then 3 days of shopping starting with Black Friday.  Cyber Monday is another day of shopping.  Last but most definitely not the least is Giving Tuesday.  That’s TODAY!  A day dedicated to giving back.  Here is your opportunity to give back – to make Christmas special for a Haitian family!

Christmas is a special family time beginning with Christ being born into His earthly family.  For US families Christmas is a busy time with concerts and parties to attend, special church services, and of course giving gifts to our friends and loved ones.  Most Haitian families love the Christmas story and season but do not have the capacity to give gifts as most of us here in the US do.  You can make a difference for a Haitian family this year by giving very practical gifts. 


Choose any one or more of these vital tools for a Haitian farmer.  The vast majority of Haitians depend on farming small plots of land for some or all of their livelihood.   These fields are farmed by hand and these are the only tools a farmer will have.  It is out of the yield of his fields that he will feed his family and any surplus will go toward other living expenses that the family has.  New reliable tools are important to a Haitian farmer’s livelihood.




This kit includes all three tools that a Haitian farmer needs to work his fields. 

A farmer’s kit will be a great way to help transform the life of a farmer by providing these tools to help him provide for his family.



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Goats mean Sustainable Income - $100

It is a gift that keeps on giving.  Providing a family with a goat will enable them to begin to care for themselves.  As the goat grows and produces offspring, it can be the source of a small herd.  These are then sold and can help cover school expenses, food, clothing, etc. for the family.   It only costs $100 to provide this opportunity for dignity and sustainability.


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Clean Drinking Water - $105

A simple and yet profound way to impact a third world family’s health costs only $105.   Half of all Haitians have little to no access to clean drinking water and are susceptible to many water borne diseases.  Providing a Water For Health water filter provides a family with clean drinking water. These filters are designed to be simple to operate and maintain, and last for years without having to change parts.  A  water filter would literally transform their health and quality of life.


decoration-interesting-red-and-gold-color-themes-for-home-garden-christmas-crafts-ideas-amazing-garden-christmas-decorations-inspirations google 1920 x 1200Don’t delay!  Use the enclosed envelope and designation slip or donate HEREAll gifts are tax-deductible.  Thank you for your interest in RMI and its ministries as well as for your desire to minister to hurting Haitian families.

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