Sunday, December 14, 2014

3rd Annual Hope for Kidz Deworming

Don’t be fooled: we may not have any teams in Haiti this December, but we have been very busy moving ahead with other programs and preparing for the busiest time of the team calendar that starts in January.

On December 2nd, we held our 3rd Annual Hope for Kidz (HFK) Deworming seminar.  This is the 3rd year we’ve included deworming in all of our HFKz schools.  We called all the school administrators in for a meeting to review the program protocols and distribute the meds for clinics at their schools.  We actually had a few administrators calling us earlier in the school year asking us to do the program again this year!

The last two years we’ve taught these school leaders how to administer and keep good records of deworming meds distributed at their schools as well as gave them educational materials and training on how to teach worm prevention to each of their classes.  RMI has provided the follow-up to keep them accountable to following through. 

This year, in addition to reviewing these things, I asked them for testimonies of how these treatments have had a positive impact on their students.  I received  overwhelming responses of gratitude!  I also heard quite a few stories that are a little too graphic to write here!  I can say that it was obvious to these school directors the impact this treatment has had on their students.

At the meeting, we distributed to 51 schools  deworming medication and cups for 12576 students and 508 teachers.  That’s right, we handed out over 13,000 doses of deworming meds. 

If you sponsor a child’s education through Hope for Kidz, don’t miss the impact you are making in this small area of the program!  A portion of your sponsorship goes toward deworming as a whole and has a big impact on not only your sponsored child, but that child’s school and community!  Remember, it’s not only your sponsored child receiving the medication and education, but every child in that school.  The more people in one school and/or community who receive deworming treatment each year, the  less worm infections in that school and in the community.  Add to that the prevention teaching they receive at school through the deworming program (which includes important education on hygiene and cleaning of food)  and that leads to healthier kids all around.  It’s a win-win! 

Thanks for making it possible!

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