Friday, January 10, 2014

NEW Water Filters Now Available!

NEW Water Filters available as part of our "Water for Health" initiative.  These filters are made from a mixture of clay, a combustible material (sawdust or rice husks), and colloidal silver.  Produced in Haiti by Haitians with Haitian materials!

What: You can provide safe drinking water to a Haitian family. The technology of these filters is simple, effective and sustainable. The filters use a round-bottom ceramic pot made of clay, charcoal, and colloidal silver that filters out 99.99% of turbidity, bacteria and protozoa. It is designed with a rim and is placed on a five gallon plastic storage bucket with a spigot at the bottom for dispensing. The filter supplies much needed clean water and lasts at least 5 years.

Why: The water situation in Haiti is among the most dire in the western hemisphere. The lack of clean water prevents many young women and children from attending school and engaging in productive tasks, as they are forced to walk many miles every day to find water. Dirty water also contributes to the impact of waterborne diseases and poor health. In a country that is in need of safe water, these filters allow families to improve their standard of health and their quality of life.

Cost: $75 per filter. This includes the filter, training and delivery.

Team Idea: These can be delivered by your team. There is about five minutes of instruction that each family receives. Team members can actually do this training if they desire. This is a great chance to meet some of the families of the church or community, respond to a physical need they have, and spend a few minutes praying for them and sharing the gospel with them.

Resource: If you would like to share this with others, you can share or download our "Water for Health FAQ" sheet here.


Tracey Robinson said...

Rob or RMI folks--if Harper bought some of these before our next trip in 2015 is there a way to get them to Les Irois before our trip? Just curious! I know what an undertaking it is to get to Les Irois!

Tracey Robinson said...

Our team isn't going to be back until 2015, if we buy these now is there a way to get them to Les Irois? I don't know if this comment is posting a 2nd time, sorry!

Rob Thompson said...

Yes, we can make it happen. No problem. We are here to help.