Monday, December 09, 2013

A Different Kind of Gift

As you think about what kind of gifts you will buy for your family and friends, RMI would challenge you to consider adding a different kind of gift to your list this year.   A gift of a water filter, food or a goat would be a life changing gift for a needy Haitian family.  Give it in honor of a loved one, make it a family project or ask your family to purchase one of these as one of your gifts this year.


clay filter in useClean Drinking Water - $75

A simple and yet profound way to impact a third world family’s health costs only $75.   Half of all Haitians have little to no access to clean drinking water and are susceptible to many water borne diseases.  Providing a Water For Health water filter provides a family with clean drinking water. These filters are designed to be simple to operate and maintain, and last for years without having to change parts.  A  water filter would literally transform their health and quality of life.


Boy with FoodFood for Malnourished Kids and Families - $25

A gift of life is what a case of 216 meals provides a family that is struggling to feed itself due to extreme poverty.  With close to half of the population of Haiti living on $2 a day, feeding a family becomes a daily struggle.  For just $25, you can feed a family of 6 a nutritious hot meal a day for a month.   What a very practical way to provide nourishment AND encouragement for a hungry family.


baby goatGoats mean Sustainable Income - $90

It is a gift that keeps on giving.  Providing a family with a goat will enable them to begin to care for themselves.  As the goat grows and produces offspring, it can be the source of a small herd.  These are then sold and can help cover school expenses, food, clothing, etc. for the family.   It only costs $90 to provide this opportunity for dignity and sustainability.



End of the year giving time is at hand.  Don’t delay.  Send your check to:

RMI, 5475 Lee St. Suite 301, Lehigh Acres, FL  33971

or donate here.

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