Saturday, June 20, 2009

Video: 13 “Kidz” in Haiti got an education yesterday!

I (Rob) got a pie in my face. Becky and I (actually, not us, but 13 HFK kids) were the recipients of McGregor’s (our church) VBS offering this past week. There was a “Pie in the Face” contest between the girls and boys. Everyone told me all week that every year the girls win. They were right.

The cool part is that the $3433 that was donated will give 13 kids in Haiti an education this coming school year! That is awesome. Our kids here giving an education to the kids down there.

Each of the 13 kids will be provided with their school tuition, school entrance fee, school books, school uniform, pair of shoes, development of a Hot Lunch Program, a Christian education, and best of all…Hope! How cool.

To our readers, if you would like to sponsor a child for $250 for this coming school year, let us know. I have many more children you can choose from.

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Here is the video of the pie…