Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Update on Jules

The following was received from Dan Shoemaker

Dear Friends,
I talked to Jules today.  Let me bring you up to speed as to his situation.  I have been waiting for some things to be confirmed, which is why I have not shared much up to this point.
The situation is serious for our brother.  It is as follows: 

Jules has been diagnosed with some type of bone cancer.  He has just started some type of chemo-therapy.  The treatment will take quite a long time.  So far I cannot get any information about the severity of the cancer.  I am working on this.  When I find more info I will let you know. 

He has had many blood tests, and this week a MRI, CatScan, and a biopsy.  The Dr’s are concerned that he not walk very much.  Evidently his bones are brittle at this time.  His treatment will be done twice a week. 

He is at a hospital in Boston.  Soon he will be moved to a home in the area belonging to a family member.  His wife has come up from Haiti to be with him for at least a month. 

He could use some help financially.  RMI is setting up a fund to help cover some of his expenses.  Should you desire to help him in his situation, please send a check to RMI, with a note included that this is for RMI’s emergency fund. 

I am planning on visiting him the first part of June.  I hope to get good info at that time.  I also hope to get him a cellphone of some type so that he can be contacted easily.  (Anyone have a working phone with nationwide coverage that he could use for several months? Let me know.  239-222-9793) 

As you know bone cancer is serious stuff.  We need to pray for Jules for God’s intervention in his life if that is His will. 
Should you like to send him a note or card, please send it to us here at RMI and we will forward it on.  Once we have a stable address and phone number, we’ll pass that on. 

If you can help us in any way, please let me know. 

We covet your prayers for Jules.  Please pass this on to as many folks that know Jules as possible.  Thanks.

Dan Shoemaker


Thanks to everyone for your prayers!

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