Monday, January 19, 2009

One church goes beyond funding hurricane relief!

Several of the U.S. sister churches came to the aid of their Haitian counterparts after the onslaught of 4 hurricanes that hit Haiti in the fall of 2008.

Les Anglais' U.S. sister church is Our Saviors Lutheran Church. OSLC answered the call and sent in funds to their sister church. However they also did something else.

OSLC also sent in funds with instructions for RMI to purchase rice, beans, and oil to be distributed in the Les Anglais area. So after purchasing these food staples, our staff loaded up 2 of our trucks and headed out to distribute some food.

They arrived in Les Anglais and gave half of the food to the church  to be distributed by Pastor Dieusseul.

There is another little community that is the poorest of the poor that has been brought to the U.S. sister church's attention by Etienne Francois who is an agronomist in the area and works closely with Our Savior's. For several years now this area referred to as "The beach community" has been toured by the U.S. church.

This year as they did last year, OSLC designated that the rest of the food be distributed to this community. There was much joy and excitement when the RMI trucks and staff pulled up to distribute food. The following pictures don't do justice to their excitement but it is all we have to offer.

Special thanks go out to Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon for their tender and generous hearts and spirits!

These are just a few of the people who have benefited from this program.

There were no Americans to be seen during all of this as we felt this was a special time for Haitians to reach out and help other Haitians even though funded by Americans.

Thanks so much to OSLC for your generosity as well as to all the U.S. sister churches that have helped their Haitian brothers and sisters!

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