Monday, January 19, 2009

New Look for the New Year

With each new year that rolls around, everyone makes resolutions to loose weight, get healthy, spend more time with those we love, etc. etc. etc.

Before I reveal our new look here I would like to describe an old problem that we hope will be solved with the "new look".

On Thursday night most teams that come to visit their sister church here in Haiti, spend that last night at the Moses' house enjoying an "all you can eat" shrimp dinner. Many nights we enjoy the warm Caribbean climate with a time of outdoor fellowship. However there have been many nights when a team of about 10 people along with the local missionary family have to crowd into our living room to eat because of rain. Having around 16 or 17 people crowded into a 16 by 16 foot room to eat kind of loses some of the Caribbean charm.

We have a plan on how to remedy this situation and thanks to a generous donation by a Texas church we were able to do the first phase of our plan.


Interesting! What are those poles in the Moses' front yard?


Look at those crossbeams! Is it possible that?...let's just wait and see!


Oh my....yes, they are covering the front of the yard. But, some pavement would be even nicer.


The new look for 2009 is a shaded protect eating area outside. Come rain or shine our teams will enjoy their last night in Haiti with the outdoor ambiance of the warm Caribbean. Y'all come on down and see us!!!!

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