Saturday, October 06, 2007

Letter from Picot to Trinity Bible

September 14th, 2007

From       : Picot Baptist Church.

To           : Brothers and Sisters in Louisiana.

My friends, brothers and sisters in Louisiana Church, the committee in Picot Baptist Church greet you in the precious name and savior Jesus Christ. My name is Pastor Calixte Dorval who wants to talk to you in the name of my church and in the name of all the districts. It been a long time I did not write you. Now here I am to share with some information about church. Those information are not only for my church but for the district since you left last February.

How were your activities doing over there in Louisiana? Your family, for us over here in Haiti we are doing well with Jesus Christ. My families and I are doing well and they are doing well in school too. Anne Netty my oldest daughter she just graduate to college, she took science administration. Sthephenson my son, he is in second years in college where he studying Agro forestry, Recameline, she is in a nursing school and Sandia my youngest daughter, she is in Rheto grades in secondary school. Gracieuse my wife’s sister went to Port-au-Prince to study economy. And also Anne Netty was engage with young man and she will get married on December 29th, 2007. My wife always sick, she always has a pain in her knee, I did visit many doctors with her but I can not find a better solution. For myself, Last May I was in Florida especially in Fort Lauderdale. I was invited there by different pastors who did ask me to preach for them.

Everything is working well in Picot’s church. Our activities are working well, the Christians always come to church for worship, we always meet for Sunday school, we have service Sunday night, prayer service Tuesday night and bible study on Thursday night. Every Wednesday morning from 5am to 6am the ladies in the church always meet for a prayer service. We always have meeting with the deacons and the members meeting every month. Also I would like to inform about one of the Lady in the church who died. She was Mrs. Medes Mother. We did not have a good year of school because there are many parents who did not have their kids sponsored by compassion and they can not pay the tuition. We have some teachers who left us and go to teach in other school for more money. This year we had 51 kids who took the official exam 31 of them pass the exam. We count on God for this year to provide us more funds for the school so that we can have a better year.

We had three conventions for the members in the district where we met with a large amount of people to praise God. We will have another one in December in Mahotière Church. I want to inform you that Pastor la Fleur who was the pastor there is not there because MEBSH transfer him to the Childcare office, now the new pastor is Samson Louis. About the evening service we always have difficulty because we have a problem of electricity there, we do need a generator. Now I have problem in my eye and I already have an appointment with doctor for operation, please pray for me. We had some work we would like to do at the end of this year like finish with platform (pulpit) of the church and some work we would like to do at the church.

Our prayer request are: Pray for Anne Netty as I told you earlier she is going to get married on December, pray for us because we need a Sound System and Generator for the church. Pray for my wife because she is not doing well, prays for all the parents so that they can find money to pay for their children.

Thank you for the money you sent for the district and we want to let you know that we did receive it.

Pastor Calixte Dorval and the deacons of Picot’s Church.

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