Saturday, October 06, 2007

Letter from Morency to Sunrise

                                                                                                  September 10th, 2006

From         :  Pastor Jean Robert Brunache

To             :  Reciprocal Ministries International.

Object       :  Greeting and Presentation.

Dear brothers and Sisters in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

       May the grace and the peace of God be with you? I would like to inform you that, I am the one who did replace Pastor Daniel Elliassaint since august the 28th  in Morency Baptist church. I am very happy with the work that you did in Morency while Pastor Daniel was there as your sister church.

Then, I am very happy to continue with the Ministry that God ask me to do. I already visit the Christians of the church, also I had meeting with the members, I had a bible study and prayer service.

Those are the members’ name of my family:

Jemima Brunache                        : 20 years

Roberto Brunache                       : 17 years

Roberta Brunache                       : 15 years

Nephtalie Brunache                    : 11 years

Rood-kelly-Ernst Brunache        : 3 years.

My wife’s name is Ternecia louisaint

Roselore Pierrelouis she leaves with my family

Pastor jean Robert Brunache your collaborator

      We pray for you everyday so that God can use you as he wants to do his work.

May god bless you abundantly?

                    Pastor Jean Robert Brunache

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