Friday, January 04, 2019

Ministry Impact Report 2018

man saved at Ducis Sunday morningThe elderly gentleman dressed in his best clothes that morning.  He started walking early because he knew it’d take a while to get there.  Once he arrived, he made sure to get a good seat near the front.  They said that there was a group from the United States visiting the church that week and he really wanted to hear what they had to say.  He listened carefully to what the guest speaker shared.  He’d heard the pastor of the church say much the same thing, but that morning he felt God speaking to him, telling him that it was time to make the decision.  After the service he pressed his way forward to speak to the pastor.  Today was the day.  God was calling him to accept Christ as his Savior.  The visiting team from Bartlett, IL was thrilled to pray with him and to know that God had used their team to bring this man to salvation.  This kind of ministry is what we are so excited about.  RMI’s ministry makes a real impact in people’s lives. 

Here is our Ministry Impact Report for 2018.

C3 Partnerships
RMI Haitian Staff facilitated 32 team trips
482 water filters were distributed improving the health of  those families and their neighbors
424 goats were distributed to provide sources of income for those families
350 solar lights
7 churches built
2 homes built
86 church and school benches built
584 Bibles and songbooks given out
3 motorcycles for pastors delivered
533 people came to Haiti through teams, internships and others visits
3 new C3 partnerships were begun (giving us a total of 34 active partnerships)

Hope for Kidz & School Education
2,651 children are now sponsored through Hope for Kidz
7,587 children received a daily hot lunch
3 Hot Lunch Program storage rooms built
10 each of school filing cabinets and blackboards given and installed
9 children received emergency medical assistance
23 teacher’s desks and chairs given out
7 school rooms built
16,886 children’s health were improved through the Hope for Kidz De-worming Program

Haiti Operations Team
Processed 12 food containers (which is 14,760 boxes of food - each one of which were handled at least 3 times, or 3,188,160 meals)
1 new Haitian employee
Reconstruction done on 9 churches
Maintained 12 vehicles and 15 motorcycles to keep the ministry up and running
Acquired 2 “new-to-us” vehicles to augment our aging fleet

1 new missionary, Dawn Shoemaker, arrived on the field
1 appointee family, Jim and April Starkey, are continuing to raise their support, hoping to go in 2019
The Speel family reached their “go-to-Haiti” minimum funds raised, for which we praise the Lord.  They are stopping off at the International Office in Ft. Myers to work for a year to allow time for Jeff’s back to heal. 

Loomis building fences 2018We are so thankful for the special men and women of God that work faithfully every day.  Some work behind the scenes, some of them are more visible, but they all work hard and with joy.  The RMI Haiti office is always a busy, buzzing hive of activity with people coming and going - there are always multiple kinds of ministry happening!  And you help make it possible with your financial and prayer support.  Thank you!  The Lord’s work is being done because of you.

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