Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lights! Camera! Action!

In this digital era it is vital that we are able to tell RMI’s story with quality videos, promotional material and pictures.  We are finding that it is difficult to get the word out about RMI’s unique concept and programs without these things.

Using a professional studio means paying for a videographer and photographer (who sometimes have to rent their equipment) to make a week long trip to Haiti - which entails housing and feeding them, providingvideo package transportation and a translator - to get the needed shots and footage.  After the trip is over, the production typically takes 40 hours at $60 an hour!  You can see it’s not a cheap endeavor.  Since RMI has quite a wide variety of programs and ministries, we really need a number of videos.  While the week of shooting in Haiti can result in great footage for a variety of videos, the production costs run the same for each separate one.

Also, we need to keep our videos and photography fresh and up to date.  Our staff in Haiti have sent us with a basic supply of photographs, but it is not their primary focus.  They are stretched thin but have made great efforts to get us what we need.

God has given us a new missionary candidate, Dawn Shoemaker, to do just this for us.  One of her job descriptions will be to help us tell RMI’s story through videography and photography.  Having her there, going out with teams, being directly involved in the ministry will give her direct access to getting the shots AND getting material for fresh, up-to-date stories.  We will be able to get more for far less money by having her on the field.

This is the urgent challenge before us.

We need to raise $6,000 to buy the audio/video package that is capable of producing quality videos, sound and pictures as well as the computer and software that has editing capabilities.  This is an urgent need.  Even though Dawn is still raising her funds to get to the field, she was in Haiti last month beginning to get footage and shots for RMI.  She needs this equipment as soon as possible.

  Dawn Shoemaker's prayer card
Dawn grew up in Haiti and has experienced God’s call to serve Him as a missionary ever since she was young.  She is a 3rd generation missionary (her parents are Dan and Debbie Shoemaker who served in Haiti for 25 years, and her grandparents on both sides were missionaries, each for 30+ years) - how often do you hear of a young person feeling that call on their lives?!  She is excited to be going back to the land of her birth and be vitally involved with what God is doing there in Haiti.  She is actively needing monthly support to get her there as soon as possible.

What would God have you do?  Can you help us with a special gift toward this special need for RMI’s audio/video package?  Would you consider becoming a part of Dawn’s support team?  This is a unique opportunity to be involved in the future of both RMI’s “digital footprint” as well as be instrumental in getting a new, passionate missionary to the field.

Give online at HERE.  Give to Dawn Shoemaker’s account and include a gift note stating “A/V package”.
Or, send a check using the enclosed return receipt, noting that it is for the audio/video package.


Dawn in action on her trip to Haiti last month.


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