Wednesday, April 05, 2017

44 Goats

In February Bob Davis went to Haiti for the first time with his Ft. Myers, FL church.  They mixed and poured concrete for a school floor.  They put a new tin roof on the school 4-seater outhouse.  They held an open air service one evening.  They played with the kids.  They painted school benches.  They worshiped and fellowshipped with national believers.  They developed relationships.  And in the process Bob fell in love with Haiti and the people. 

When he returned home he felt burdened to continue helping Haiti in anyway he could.  That’s when he remembered hearing about RMI’s Goats 4 Haiti Program.  He had seen first hand how much having a goat meant to families in Haiti and what a difference it could make it their lives.  He felt this was something that was very “do-able” as far as raising the funds.  So with his mission pastor’s blessing, he put together a power point presentation and presented the project to not one but several Life Group classes in his large church.  Gathering the funds for 10 goats was his goal.

This week, Bob came to the RMI office with the checks and presented them to RMI President, Dan Shoemaker.  His total?  Forty-four goats.  Enough to bless families in not only the church they visited in February but several other churches.

Just one man and a burden.  Forty four goats.  Think what you could do.  What a challenge!

You can find out more about Goats 4 Haiti HERE.

Bob Davis, McGregor gift for 44 goats 2017

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