Wednesday, January 04, 2017

We are Here to Serve You in 2017

A new year full of promise, opportunities and most likely some unexpected things.  As we start the New Year, we wanted to thank you for all you have enabled RMI to do this past year.   We, as the US staff, are often the first ones to hear of your engagement with your Haitian brothers and sister, especially in the financial realm.  When one of us hears or sees some good news come in, we go around and share it with each other.  It encourages us and is exciting to be able to share with the field.  Just today, Dan got a phone call from a missions pastor sharing the amount of funds their church raised for goats for their C3 partner church which was double the goal they had set. PTL!  We look forward to serving you, our friends, donors, and US partners this coming year, as well as serving our staff, your teams, and your Haitian Sister Churches.  May the Lord bless your efforts for His Kingdom this new year.

RMI US Staff 2017

Dan and Kim

Debbie and Barb

Mariah and Debbie CJoanne and John

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