Thursday, January 28, 2016

It’s Full Throttle at RMI…

Some of you might think I am talking about driving on Haitian roads…  I am not.  We are fully engaged in “the work”.  Will you please pray for us in all these activities.  It isn’t about being busy, but it is about intentionally working hard, consistently, in the work that God has called us to.  The work of changing lives for Him.

  • Today starts the 2 day Willow Creek Global Leadership Conference here in Cayes.  Together, we are sending 64 leaders from all over Southern Haiti.  We are “short handed” today at the office since a good number of our staff are there.  Pray for God to move in hearts.  Pray for leaders to be challenged and encouraged.  Pray for the development of vision.
  • We have a church on the ground right now.  Last night was their debriefing. Tomorrow the bus is headed into Port au Prince again so this team can go back home.
  • Today, we have vehicles going in to Port au Prince becuase we have another team arriving this evening for their next visit with their Sister Church.  4th team of the year already.
  • Tomorrow, I (Rob) am leaving for a week of mission conference and meetings in RMI’s US Office.
  • Today we have our own maintenance team, led by Joel, out making a repair to one of our Home for Haiti home builds.
  • Today we have a truck going to pick up a motorcycle at one of our Sister Churches that is in desperate need of work.  Our other trucks are being prepped, washed, checked and fueled up for another team trip out on Saturday.

There is much other work happening too.  Kids are being taught, office administration is in full swing, reports are being developed and updates are being written, bags are being packed, decisions are being made, pastors and school directors are visiting the office, etc.

The team is working hard.  There are a lot of moving parts, in many different directions.  Please pray.


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