Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The Thompson Family are on furlough

Furlough, home assignment…whatever you call it, it means many things to RMI’s missionaries.  Part vacation, part visiting supporters, family and friends, part making new contacts, part fund raising for your ministry, part taking care of doctor visits, part attending conferences where you are representing RMI and your ministry, part attending conferences for personal rejuvenation and professional continuing education, and part travel.  I’m sure I missed something in there – however, it is NOT a 2 month vacation!  But it is a multi-faceted time away from the field. 

The Thompson family are in the US June 13 – August 20.  You can see their schedule HERE.  They are making the most of their time so far.


Group 2

group 3

Every Sunday they are speaking at a different church with many meetings in the days in between…breakfasts, lunches and suppers with friends and supporters.  This furlough they are staying in one general area, but have a very busy schedule planned.

Pray for them as they try to accomplish many things (see the list above) in a short amount of time.  They are valuable co-workers and deserve a break from the challenges of life in Haiti!

God has already given them some quality time as a family as well as some successes in fund raising.  We wish them the best during this furlough time.

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