Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ministry happens in small ways too

Ministry takes many forms in RMI.  Open air services are held; houses are built; goats are delivered; retreats and conferences are hosted; a motorcycle is given to a pastor; kids’ education is sponsored.  Frequently the tendency is to take up one’s time with events and projects that are “big” in our way of thinking. 
But ministry can happen in the small things as well.  Visiting the widows (and widowers) and shut-ins of the church has become a meaningful, touching time that teams have been doing recently.  These folk are definitely a hidden part of society…hidden away in small rooms, laying on makeshift beds, they are unable to get to church to participate in services.  Yet they may be long-time, praying saints in the latter years of life.
What an immeasurable encouragement and joy it is for them to receive a visit from a team.  Folks from the US chat with them, hear some of their story, sing together, pray for them and usually are able to give them a case of food aid.  They arrive at the little homes with a bit of trepidation (let’s face it, it’s pretty much “out of the box” for most Americans!) but leave deeply moved and humbled and with huge smiles on their faces.
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First ARP 2014 tuned
It is exciting and fulfilling to be involved in ministry, both “big” and “small” ways.  --but who is to say which ministry is the “bigger” one.  Either way, God has called us to be faithful in both.

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Anonymous said...

If you go on a short-term mission to Haiti with Reciprocal Ministries International, when you return you'll understand why it's Reciprocal Ministries. God is working with those involved in and with RMI. To understand you have to go!!