Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Equipping the Church in Haiti

Equipping the church in Haiti looks different than if we were to equip a US church.

generator & sound equipment, tools of evangelism

tools of evangelism 4 drums

For instance, tools to help a Haitian church in evangelism consists of some unusual items.  First on the list is a generator.  It will be able to power lights, fans, sound systems, and musical instruments.  A church with a generator will be able to draw in many more people.  These days people bring their cell phones to church just to have access to power and outlets to charge the phone.

Having a good sound system, mixer, speakers with stands, microphones and their stands all play a key role in bringing people into the church.

Haitians love music yet have few instruments.  Having drums, guitars, keyboards, trumpets and other instruments is another key tool to getting people, especially young people to come in the door of the church.


 Equipping schools also looks a bit different.

classroom and building chalkboard, equipping classroombuilding benches 1 Walloon Lake 2013A typical Haitian classroom consists of benches, a small teacher’s desk and a large chalkboard.  However many classrooms lack even those bare bones basic things.

 During a recent visit to their Sister Church, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (Lake Oswego, OR) worked with their brothers and sisters to build 5 large chalkboards for the classrooms at several satellite churches.

Walloon Lake Community Church  (Walloon Lake, MI) built 10 benches for their school.  They will be used for years and will facilitate several hundred student’s education.

 Equipping children for a future also is very basic.

Brochure pic 2015- Kamerons pic

Equipping children with an education is one of the best ways to give them a hand up.  It gives them the tools to better themselves.

It is time to prepare for the 2014-15 Hope for Kidz school year.  A one time donation of $336 or monthly donations of $28 will provide a child with a basic education.  This transforming sponsorship provides a quality education, supplies, uniform and participation in the de-worming program, among other things.

picture taking time Maniche 2013Pictures have been taken and child profiles are ready for sponsors. 

Act now to begin sponsoring a child or to renew your sponsorship!  For your convenience you can donate online at




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