Monday, April 06, 2009

Port a Piment 2009 visit

The town of Port a Piment, Haiti is blessed to have a sister church like Second Cape May Baptist from Marmora, New Jersey.

On March 7th, 2009 RMI pulled out of Les Cayes, Haiti with the Second Cape May team and headed for their sister church in Port a Piment. Our first stop was the beach in Port Salute for a quick coke and a chance for the new team members to get their first opportunity to stick their toes in a Haitian beach.

Upon arrival in Port a Piment we were greeted by the church brigade who marched through town announcing our arrival with the team following close behind. Many team members were touched by the greeting that their sister church gave them.

This was followed by a time of reacquainting with old friends and making new friends.


Sunday morning was a great time of worship and fellowship and the three hour service didn't seem like three hours.

Sunday evening was a time of sharing testimonies and showing a film called "The Solution".  This is a film about a man who starts having many problems in his life and goes to a witch doctor for solutions. After following the witch doctors advice, he loses his family. However his children are involved with a church and know Jesus. As a result of visiting their dad with a Christian friend the father comes to know Jesus. He then visits the witch doctor's residence and breaks the ceremonial bowl. The witch doctor tells him that he will not live through the night. The next morning, the man is fine and word comes that the witch doctor has died. The message of the movie is that Jesus is the solution.


Monday morning brought a trip to the satellite church of Dolian. We left Port a Piment and drove up a riverbed as far as we could and then began the climb up the mountain to Dolian.

At Dolian the U.S. team worked side by side with Haitian masons to build the walls of the church. There was even a missionary kid involved.

And everyone pitched in to help carry blocks.

Pastor Bry takes off his supervisor's hat!!!!

While some worked on the church, others worked with the children, teaching them songs and telling stories.

Debbie Moses got attached to a Haitian baby.

The people at Dolian were very excited and grateful for the progress made on their church.

The following day we made a trip up the riverbed to the church at Guilluame to see how they were getting along and what help is needed there.

Meanwhile back at the church the 2nd Cape May ladies had a tea time with the Port a Piment ladies. They had a time of fellowship and devotion. One of the ladies had her husband help her with the illustration of Jesus coming to get his bride the church.

The food was excellent and some of the team acted like pigs at meal time.

On the way out we had a reminder that the roads of Haiti are rough. They are very hard on a vehicle. Without planning and flexibility a team can get stranded on the road. It is a good reminder that without RMI there is no sister church. So remember to support RMI as well as your sister church.

One last thing to note is that even though Wendy Bry wasn't able to come along with Pastor Jim Bry, he reminded everyone that he missed her greatly by keep her memory close everywhere he went.


By Billy Moses

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