Thursday, March 19, 2009

Letter to Calvary Baptist

From:       The MEBSH Church at Dame-Marie

To    :       Calvary Baptist Church

Subject:   Greeting and Information.

The Administration and the congregation of Dame-Marie Baptist church greet all of you in the Precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are happy to write this letter to you just to thank you and to share some information about how our church here is doing and also to give you a response to your first letter.

We were very happy to receive your letter and know that the team that was here with us had a safe trip back home to their families. I want to let you know that your presence at Dame-Marie last year made a spiritual, economic, and social impact on each of us. It was a blessing for me personally to have you here and spend time with you even though I was sick. We are very happy to hear about your church and the progress you are doing for the kingdom of God. I want to encourage you to keep doing well in His work. I am sure that your work will not be in vain.

Here at Dame-Marie everything is going well day after day as we progress for the Lord. The church meets every week for our different services. We have a strong Sunday school and a lot of people that had left the church in the past have now returned.

The ladies in our church organized a conference for 8 days in December and it was a great success for the town. We had many people come to Christ and now they attend Dame-Marie Church.

The school is doing well also. We had some kids that were sick but praise the Lord they are better now and they have returned to school.

The district churches are doing much better now. I have almost visited all of the district churches this year. Some of the churches in the district I visited had a lot of damage. Please pray for them. It is my goal to see all of them get repaired.

We have a new committee in our church that are doing a great job. Their job is outreach so more people will come back to church. Every Sunday we have more and more people coming to be with us. From January to today we had about 100 people that came to know Christ. Please pray for those people so that they will stay in the presence of the Lord and grow in their faith.

I am preparing to have a conference for the Easter season. The church choir will have a big Spiritual concert, the ladies group will visit Dezòmo church which is one of our district churches.

We spend a lot of money to buy gasoline for our services. I would like to share a project for you to add to your list. We would like to buy a solar panel, batteries and inverter just to provide energy to the church.

We always pray for Calvary Baptist Church and especially for little Joshua and his family. 

May the Lord who has all the power to provide all your needs and bless you all.

In Christ,

Pastor Saint Julien Hyppolite

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