Monday, December 15, 2008

Pastor Jean's Loss

Many of you know Pastor Jean Chery. He has worked for RMI many years as our liaison with the MEBSH organization, the churches, and the pastors. He is also very involved with all the teams that come to Haiti to visit their sister church. We turn to him many times to get his input on Haitian culture and how to proceed with many issues that arise here.

Pastor Jean's father passed away early Thursday morning. He was 92 years old and had been sick for some time. They had to amputate his foot, but infection spread so they went back and amputated part of his leg. That was really painful for him and hard on Pastor Jean. Then to add to that pain, Pastor Jean then lost him. The good news is that he is with the Lord now.

Pastor Jean and family have been out a lot of money through all of this and will have more expense with the funeral. If you would like to contribute to him please send funds to RMI Florida with an explanation that it is for Pastor Jean's father's medical and funeral expenses.

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