Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another type of Project

Many of our groups come to Haiti and do or at least start a variety of projects for their Sister Church. The project can be anything from building a school room, to wiring a church and installing fans, to medical clinics, music clinics, evangelical focus, or maybe just developing the relationship.

Sometimes the project continues after the U.S. Sister Church leaves Haiti. Especially in a construction project.

However sometimes a project begins and ends and the U.S. Sister Church isn't there at all. Such was the case recently with Hope E. Free Church from Illinois whose Sister Church in Bomo, Haiti was badly in need of either repairs on or a new motorcycle. The U.S. church decided to repair the old motorcycle and the pictures below are a description of that process.

The unfinished product.

Start with the "bare" essentials!

At least the motor looks good!

Now that all the pieces look so pretty, can we get it back together? Where do all these extra pieces go?

Almost Done!!!!!!

The finished product!

Two proud mechanics and a job well done!

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