Thursday, April 03, 2008

Upside Down Plans

The Haitians have a proverb that says, “Man proposes, but God disposes”.  Man makes his plans but God works His Will regardless of man’s plans.  We see this in the Bible through so many examples:  Abraham was doing quite well where he was, then God told him to go to a land that he didn't even know of yet; Joseph wasn’t planning on being sold as a slave, or thrown into prison, but God had other plans for him; David was content to be a shepherd, but God had other plans; Mary was looking forward to being the wife of a simple carpenter living a normal life, but God had other plans; Paul was happy persecuting Christians, yet God had other plans for him.  God often takes our plans, and turns them upside down for His purposes and good pleasure.  Sometimes it takes years to finally see the results or reasons, but we know and rest in the fact that He is working out His plans for His good.

This is what it seems that God is doing in Guatemala.  RMI has had great plans for the Guatemala field.  We had anticipated good things happening there.  But for reasons that truly only God knows, at this time, RMI has had to shut down our Guatemala operations.  We lost several sister churches that desired to be more involved with occasional projects rather than in-depth relationships.  The Coreano’s have resigned as they felt lead back to the U.S. for inner city ministry.  Other possibilities that we have had in the past were no longer available to continue the ministry.  After exhausting all of our options, RMI came to the conclusion that we would have to withdraw from the Guatemala field at this time. 

I can say that this has been one of the toughest decisions we have had to make.  RMI has invested so much there.  Our hearts have been melded with the Mayan believers.  They have so many needs, and struggles that the Sister Church Partnerships were beginning to address. The Coreanos have invested so much of their time and effort.  The ministry was starting to flourish.  Much had been provided through a lot of effort and struggle.  And yet, God…….disposed.  Why, we don’t know at this time, but God does.  And God is sovereign, He is Good all the time!  His purposes are being accomplished.  His ways are not our ways.  RMI has had to accept this and continue to trust God to lead us and move us into the paths He would have us trod. 

RMI’s vision is to continue to see our Haiti field flourish and develop.  There is so much RMI can do to continue to encourage the churches and Christians there.  However, we are also continuing to explore new options for growth into other countries as the doors open.  Pray for the RMI Administration and the Board as we continue to seek God’s direction for the future!  Man proposes but God disposes! 


Dan Shoemaker, President

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