Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A letter from your Sister Church

From: Abricot Church

To: New Church

I am very happy today for the great opportunity I have to write you this letter. How are you and your church activities doing over there? I hope you are doing great in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. The reason I write this letter to you is to wish you all in New Church a Happy New Year of 2008.

Here in Abricot Baptist Church, we had a good year of 2007.  God took care of us here.  The only  problem we had last year was when we were preparing for your coming but unfortunately the team was cancel, after that everything was fine for us here in Haiti.  About the school everything is fine, we have more kids in the school this year but we don’t have enough class room.  This year, again, 20 kids are going to attend the official exams, I want you to pray for them, please.

Thank you very much for the generator that you sent for us. It is very helpful for us because we use it every evening when we have service. We started this year with a nice prayer service in the church where we had many people accept Jesus as their Savior.

Finally, we want to say thank you for the support you give to our kids here in Abricot. Thank you for helping our kids go to school. We really appreciate that and we are praying for you everyday and asking God to fill you with his blessing. All the church members and the deacons send their greeting to all of you.

May God bless you all in your church!

Pastor Yves Renous Mathurin

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